Game of Life

Can we simulate life?

Can we create a simulation experience that behaves in ways that mimics life? Or something that looks like life? Let us answer those questions by playing a game called the Game of Life.

Overview of the Game of Life

Consider a 2D world, where agents live in the cells on a lattice. Each agent can be alive (black) or dead (white). However, the agents can only live in certain density environments. If it is too crowded or sparse, the agents will more likely die. Also, if the density is not too high, a live (black) agent can emerge on a dead (white) agent. In successive steps this is determined according to the rules of the Game of Life.


Rules of the Game of Life

Instructions for the simulator

To operate this simulator for the Game of Life:

  1. Set the initial pattern by clicking Set random cells or by clicking the cells you would like to be alive (black) or dead (white).
  2. To see how the system evolves, click either Step to advance the game by one step or the Run button to advance steps faster. If you click Run, you can stop the simulator from advancing by clicking Stop.
  3. Clear All will allow you to start the game over again.