1D Elementary Cellular Automata (1D ECA)

This 1-Dimensional Elementary Cellular Automata (1D ECA) is a Cellular Automata (CA) where the current state is only one dimension and where each cell is either black or white. The next state is determined by the state of the cell above and its neighbors as dictated by the rules. The neighborhood usually includes the adjacent cells but could include other faraway cells. There are numerous sets of rules that dictate the next state. The example here models one set of rules. How many rule variations are possible?

CA Rule: Size:

Set initial cells:

Introduction to the 1D ECA Simulator

To engage the simulator:

  1. Click either Run (in conjunction with Stop), Step or Run to End. Run will allow you to start the simulation with the option to Stop it. Run to End will give you all evaluations. Step allows you to see the next row.
  2. After the CA is complete, click Clear to start over.

To explore:

  1. You can explore setting the initial list to Single Cell or Random Cell. Single Cell only starts with one black cell whereas Random Cell creates a random first state.
  2. You can alter the CA rule to see how different sets of rules affect the outcome. Change the CA rule one by one and see how the rules change.
  3. You change the Size of the ECA and see how bigger or smaller ECAs will allow you to see different patterns.